Sunday, 14 December 2008


I had an interesting discussion with a friend last week. Following a conversation we'd had the day before about my inability to complete anything with more than a few hours to spare, she confessed the next day to having pondered later about whether I was the laziest ambitious person she knew or the most ambitious lazy person. I conceded that would indeed be a tough nut to crack. And then we parted ways and I went home and did my washing, re-arranged the contents of my drawers and considered writing my essay.

I'm not sure if I've solved it for her but I can tell you this much for free - when a girl is too busy even to procrastinate she is fucking busy my friend.

It has been a mammoth week, trying to get through this group project. Much to all of our surprise, we finished the magazine at 3am on Wednesday night (technically Thursday morning yes but without even a cat nap to punctuate the endless hours it was Wednesday in my books until 5am, when I finally managed to crawl into bed.) But it is now done - days ahead of schedule - and collected from the printers and after our presentation on Monday I will have officially finished for the year. Quite a strange feeling really.

It's been a hellishly long week and my capacity for coherent speech has only just returned but I am actually really so proud of what we've created:

Pretty impressive huh. And that's just the cover. Perversely I've found myself actually enjoying being this busy - I suspect because it plays right into my gun-to-the-head need for adrenaline - but also no doubt because it's left no time to think about stupid boys or fret endlessly about the health of nearest and dearest at home.

And speaking of home - this time next week I will be chewing my nails in anticipation of the flight home. I can't believe it's only a week now until I head back to hopefully sunny climes. It is pitifully cold here - dark at 4pm and a predicted maximum of 6 degrees celcius for the next three days. Fabulous.

Luckily I plan to sleep most of the next week away.

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KVW said...

To be fair, though, I did restate the question as "most ambitious procrastinator, or most procrastinating ambitious person", and conceded that I had gone with "lazy" as a less wordy option...