Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Pancakes and post-post modernism

I saw this great t-shirt the other day. It read "I can stop procrastinating. Just you wait and see."

Rather sums up my life at the moment. There's been lots of procrastinating and lots of waiting. Most recently for pancakes in honour of Pancake Day but also some serious waiting for everything from emails to dawn to summer to inspiration to an end to a seriously upsetting situation with a seriously suicidal flatmate. Say what you will but I've never been one to cope terribly well with not knowing what the hell is going to happen next.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Jo can't believe it's been so long since she last wrote

Jo was unable to write on her blog last week because she spent five days nannying precocious teenagers in posh parts of London.

Jo is incidentally £600 richer and so relieved she's no longer 15.

Jo also hasn't been able to write because it's been hard to find something pithy - never mind appropriate - to say about a seriously depressed flatmate.

Jo has felt hysterical lately about her lack of handle on all things university but is so relieved that her hours of pointless stress about a rubbish presentation weren't for nothing. She learnt how to insert video into a powerpoint presentation...

Jo started a new job behind the bar at a cute theatre in Blackfriars last week and despite a fleeting moment of sheer fucking terror in the first two minutes of the interval, actually rather enjoyed herself.

Jo has begun to think that maybe London isn't so mean and awful. She does though still think it's expensive and dirty.

Jo knows she's been living in London for a while when 11 degrees feels genuinely balmy.

Jo wishes she would stop arranging her thoughts as facebook status updates.

Monday, 2 February 2009

Let it snow let it know let it SNOW!

So my enthusiasm for the snow last night may have been premature - but at least it wasn't misplaced. I woke this morning to find London buried under a solid 2 feet of snow - and continuing to fall. A strange serenity has descended over the city and it is truly beautiful.

Beautiful too was the email from school saying that due to the closure of all public transport in and around central London there will be no classes today. Which means plenty of time to sit and stare out the window with a big silly grin on my face.


I KNEW this cold couldn't be for nothing! Finally - snow. It does beg the question though - how many layers of clothes are too many?....