Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Wylie's Baths

It's a fairly undisguised fact that I'm really not hugely happy at the moment, between the London homesickness, the loneliness and the lack of employment opportunities currently being afforded to me. It's been the ultimate exercise in mindfulness really; just trying to be in every moment and not go screaming off the rails with anxiety, or worse, regret. 

Which is why I've been getting back in the water, seeking ablutions for my head as well as my body. 

Up at Avalon, it was here, slalom swimming amongst the bobbing grannies, looking out towards the surfers:

Now that we're in Coogee, it's here, at Wylie's Baths...

I went for my first swim here yesterday and I'm hoping it's just the first of many. Because this place is something truly special. It's been at South Coogee since 1907 and is now classified by the National Trust of Australia.

It's like swimming in the most life affirming aquarium you could imagine.

If I have to be unemployed, I may as well be unemployed here, chasing fish up and down the pool.

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