Thursday, 9 January 2014

A big week

I can't believe it's been two years already since I sauntered through my Mum's garden and married my Lovely Boy.

More than that - I can't believe it's been a year since we celebrated our first wedding anniversary in a Mexican emergency room

Please can we hit the pause button for a minute?? For reals, if things move any faster, I can see myself, cartoon-like, slipping off the back end of the treadmill that is Life.  

It's been a big week. And it's only Thursday.

On Monday Lovely Boy started his new job.

Yesterday I may have gone to look at a flat to rent in Coogee...

Last night we went for a low-key but lovely anniversary dinner at Vini in Surry Hills that didn't end in hospitalisation.

Last year's anniversary meal. 
Yesterday I lodged an application for the aforementioned flat in Coogee (LB, who hasn't even seen it yet is just embracing the philosophy 'Happy Wife, Happy Life')

Tomorrow it's LB's birthday and so we're off to have drinks at the Beresford. I'm also going to the opening of Christian Boltanski's new exhibition at Carriageworks which I'm looking forward to, despite the imminent and awkward"I know no-one at this party" dance around the finger sandwiches tray.

Soon to call Coogee home.
Saturday we're picnicking at Neilson Park for LB's birthday and hopefully, before that, I can show LB where I've decided we're going to live....

It's been a big week emotionally. I'm exhausted.   

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