Friday, 18 October 2013


Today has been a big day. Against all odds and despite all signs to the contrary over the last couple of years, 21st Century Portraits is now out in the world and tonight it launched at the National Portrait Gallery.

The NPG’s contemporary curator Curator Sarah Howgate, who co-wrote the introduction with Director Sandy Nairne, and the art critic Andrew Graham-Dixon, who wrote the foreward, were in-conversation about the publication and looking at some of the works that feature.

It was a full house, sold out in fact, and not just by people that I know and love and begged to come, which would have been awkward, not least because I wasn’t directly involved in the discussion.

I did though get to have a career-pinch-me moment with a book signing afterwards.

Not an altogether bad high to nearly-end my last week in London. Tomorrow is my last day of work. But one thing at a time...

Crossing Oxford St after getting my hair
(necessarily) blow-dried. No filter. Just awe.

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