Monday, 29 April 2013

A Suitcase and a Spatula

There are moments in a friend’s life. Birthdays 18… 21… 30… (god, 40), the first dates, the weddings, frequently babies. There are dream jobs, first houses, fuck, sometimes there’s just a really awesome pair of new shoes and a bottle of good wine. And then, well then there’s the launch of a first book.

On Thursday, me and my Lovely Boy and a stream of other literary-minded people went to Notting Hill for the launch of Tori’s first book, a truly charming, brilliantly written, awe-inspiring collection of travel stories and recipes. It’s called A Suitcase and a Spatula and you should just buy it now, ok.

The book however is one thing, celebrating it is another. I’d never been to a book launch before so even if the sun hadn’t been shining as brightly as it was (Spring! Sprung! Yay!), I still would have had a skip in my step. Not least because the launch was at the totally delicious Books for Cooks bookshop which is honest to god opposite THE Travel Bookshop of Hugh and Julia fame. I mean, hello London book launch fantasy. 

A great location, great food (buy the book) an eloquent speech and a buzzing room full of lovely people – familiar and not – all celebrating the not insignificant accomplishment of writing a fucking BOOK.

I was and am so very proud of my friend.

And I’m heartened to know that if you work your arse off for something, sometimes you can really make it happen (buy the book).

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