Saturday, 9 July 2011

OK so it's been a while

But hear me out. 

After an emotional birthday week, sweetened by lovely gestures and kind words and teary but determinedly happy memories life kicked up a gear with the arrival of Lovely Boys parents. It was so good to have visitors from home, especially ones laden with Tim Tams and talk of home and we celebrated their arrival with a walk to Putney in the uncharacteristic heat. Rest assured the heat didn't last but it was a pretty glorious day that included lunch at the pub across the road and a collective afternoon nap.

Walking to Putney along the river

The week was punctuated by some truly lovely outings - one a night at the River Cafe and another at the Wyndham Theatre falling a little bit in love with David Tennant's delightfully silly Benedict in the sold out production of Much Ado About Nothing also starring Catherine Tate.

A rare moment of summer...
Dusk after dinner at the River Cafe.
My in-laws-to-be left us on the Friday heading for Sweden and on Sunday I spent the day with my sister's partner's sister, Grace, who was passing through London as part of an eight month post-school, pre-university pilgrimmage to The Rest of The World. It was lovely actually - we met at Tate and wandered along the Southbank before heading up to Trafalgar Square so I could show Grace the Fourth Plinth and the very beautiful living wall that the National Gallery have built to distract from their renovations. A living, growing, blooming Van Gogh anyone?

Southbank bunting love continues...

Just another day at the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square. 
Then of course it was down the Mall to Buckingham Palace before doubling back to visit my old stomping ground the National Portrait Gallery. Still love.

This last week has been sluggish. Have been crazy tired and not feeling altogether fabulous so Monday was a sleep and sort it out day with a doctors appointment and an acupuncture session. I was talked into an accupressure/reflexology massage of my feet - apparently brutally executed excruciating leap-off-the-table pain is the ultimate cure all for insomnia. We'll see.

There's lots of things happening in the next couple of weeks to look forward - lots more visitors from home, some exciting work opportunities, like getting to meet Mark Wallinger, Nina and Steve's wedding next weekend and tomorrow.

Tomorrow I'm off to Paris for the day. Ouuuuuuuuui!

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