Friday, 3 June 2011

Tooth hurty

It's quite difficult to get an RSVP to a pity party for root canal therapy when you're competing for attendees with advanced cancer, kidney failure, a serious sinus infection and now a knee reconstruction. Not such a fun week for the family on any continent really...

I'm off this afternoon to the dentist in Clapham for some conscious sedation and dental brutality and I'm looking forward to it as much as... root canal? Yep. About sums its up really. According to the nifty brochure they gave me I won't remember much of the procedure but LBB is my designated responsible adult so he has to bring me home and iron, cook and drive all the heavy machinery in our house for the next 24 hours. I'm hoping I remember that.

Work has been capital B busy this week, with the website launch looming like a dentist's needle and Quite A Lot still to be done before next Thursday but I'm reasonably confident we'll get there. As long as the internet at work stops crashing, our email stops breaking and the site glitches get resolved. Not much to ask for really? In the interests of expediency I worked from home yesterday and was non-stop but it felt good to be getting through things after a stultifying few days but I'm hoping these all powerful drugs this afternoon will clean swipe my brain of after hours work thoughts. It is exhausting.


I'm not sure what the weekend holds - I imagine not much. I wanted to go to a jazz festival at Strawberry Hill on Sunday, Horace Walpole's 19th century gothic castle, but after the cashspew that was Greece I can't quite stump to 25 quid this month so we might console ourselves with the Taste of Spain food festival that's overtaking Regent Street instead. That still too though is dependent on how much or little I'm involuntarily drooling after this afternoon.

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