Friday, 10 June 2011

A recent launch and an imminent departure

I'm going to try and get in one last naval gaze before an inevitable phone call this weekend about my resilient in mind if not in body grandmother. Wanting someone's misery to end and not wanting them to die are two difficult emotions to reconcile and grief frankly scares the shit out of me it's so huge. But that's another naval gaze.

Mat Collishaw, Ryan Gander.

Today was a lesson in ultimate distraction. The website I've been working on for the last three months was launched today and because it's part of this bigger, brilliant unwieldy beast of a project that brings together five of London's best galleries and because it's been funded and supported by Louis Vuitton this was anything but a soft launch. Unless a soft launch involves a shipping container and pop up art workshop in the north-east corner of Covent Garden Piazza?


Didn't think so.

There was a press launch in the morning, inside the shipping container, with the walls lined with REcreative t-shirts re-invisioned by a coterie of famous artists including Sam Taylor-Wood, Fiona Banner, Mat Collishaw, Michael Landy and Michael Craig-Martin. Throw in hoards of young people, some stencils, fabric glue and glitter and you have yourself one very exhausting, very rewarding day. Staff lunch at Wahaca definitely helped - a margarita would have been more than medicinal at this stage but by the time the day ended and Appropriate Margarita Hour arrived I was beyond drinking and ready only for the sofa and some Peter Andre reality TV badness...

Wahaca goodness.
The day did end on a frustrating note however when one of the 18 year olds who has been involved in some of the website stuffed deigned to offer me some advice on "writing snappily".... I would have fucking "snapped" him if I thought it would have even slightly ameliorated his skin-crawling, delusioned arrogance. Little shit. I'll show you snappy.

Anyway. It was a sour end to an otherwise good but long day and now I just feel a bit flat - post-adrenaline of the last few weeks, post-phone call from home and in need of a solid night of sleep.

Tomorrow will be a day of reflection, organisation and calm, hopefully, before dinner with Lovely Boy and Lovely Friend and her lovely plus one - a birthday mash up for The Hungry One and I, both Gemini's, both facing birthdays in the next couple of weeks but I haven't even really got to contemplating 31 yet. One thing at a time.

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