Monday, 28 February 2011

The test of a personality

So I got a second interview. I think this is a good thing. It's certainly not outright rejection and it gives me a chance to feel like, if I get offered and then take the job, it was the result of a considered decision - by them and by me - and not a knee-jerk reaction to what has basically been 12 months of unemployment. The interview is on Tuesday afternoon and yesterday I spent nearly three hours completing a psychometric test in anticipation of said "informal" interview. A personality test, basically. One can only hope I don't fail that. I could handle a rejection on the grounds of technical incompetence but not because I'm not a morning person.... We will see....

I've had a lovely couple of days seeing the little sister for snatched dinners and lunches between her mental working demands though London has been typically ungenerous with the weather. Despite the increasing appearance of daffodils, foliage, colour and hope for winter's end it has poured down solidly for the last couple of days. Big fat raindrops that turn into big fat puddles. So boring. 

That said though, it didn't rain on Friday when I went to east London with my old flatmate to see a small pop-up exhibition in an abandoned post office that explored the lost art of letter writing. It was incredibly evocative actually and only served to further cement my love affair with east London, despite the fact it's getting to be less edgy-grotty and more edgy-chi-chi - think espresso bars and beauty parlours offering pedicures that involve tanks of flesh-eating fish. Oh and an Urban Outfitters. Oh and a statue of a goat atop several concrete crates. 

This should be a busy week, even without the interview. I have six more artists to finish tomorrow, for you know, oh, Tuesday, and then a feast to attend tomorrow night. Galleries plural on Tuesday - the NPG and then the South London Gallery for the interview and then editing like a mad woman to get the book bits finished up once and for all and who knows what that will entail. I may or may not have been brave enough yet to read back over anything I've written to date. Hmmm... I wonder if that part of my personality, the procrastinating, perfectionist part managed to reveal itself yesterday in this test. And what that could mean for my prospects. I think in the interest of self-preservation I might apply for a job or two as well this week. And see ma girls for some drinks and bad movies. It's going to be a memorable week, let's just hope it's for all the right kinds of reasons.

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