Saturday, 1 January 2011

Why hello, 2011

It's so refreshing to start the new year without a hangover. Or a hungover LBB. New Years Eve was blissfully uneventful but perfect in its mix of good food, ribald family conversation and champagne before fireworks on the television and an hour of bad eighties video clips. Couldn't have been more middle aged. Couldn't care less.

The cicadas are harmonising, the sun is shining and I am contemplating the year ahead. Resolutions for me ultimately become things to berate myself about mid-to-late year for a complete lack of application that has seen any of them materialise but despite being in much the same boat as last Christmas (read: basically unemployed and lacking any real certainty vis a vis The Long Term Plan) I feel excited about this year and am looking forward to seeing what evolves. Short of calling them resolutions, I have some Things I'd Like to Make Happen this year and with any luck I can do just that.

I would like to find a job. Any job will do. As long as it pays reasonably well, does not involve selling drugs to small children and has at least 20 days annual leave attached to it. Any relation to art would be a bonus but at this point, will happily stuff envelopes full-time if someone is willing to pay me 25k a year.

I would like to see more art. And I would like to start writing about it again. Once or twice a week would be nice but I'm prepared to negotiate on the grounds of finding art inspiring enough to write about in the first place. But seeing more art, definitely. And while I'm at it, maybe some theatre too.

I would like to travel. Greece, Istanbul, Berlin (oh Berlin), Croatia, New York. All are on the list. I'm happy to start with Cornwall.

I would like to find the time in my day to read more. So many books, so many spines still unbroken.

I would like to find shoes to match my dress and the most effective combination of bloody-minded wishful thinking and tricep dips to maximise fabulousness for a certain occasion in January 2012.

I would like to cook more, see more of my friends, be a better communicator, better friend/sister/daughter/betrothed.

I would like to look back on 2011 and feel an enormous sense of satisfaction. No regrets. Ok, ok, as few regrets as possible. Let's not start the year completely full of self-indulgent bullshit.

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tori said...

Tricep dips are fun. I know this because I went to the gym with The Hungry One this afternoon. We miss you. Have a swim for me. And some pink wine in the sun.... hurrah for 2011. May it be fabulous for all.