Friday, 5 March 2010

Sunshine on a rainy day

It's been a red letter week. I am earnestly exhausted after two full days of honest toil at my new retail job on the Kings Rd and now, after a fretful week of waiting, am delighted, ecstatic, overjoyed, optimistic and RELIEVED to have been offered the role at the National Portrait Gallery.


It is miserably cold and I am bone weary after a long week and a longer weekend but buoyed by the blue skies and a whisper of, well, promise.

A week ago you could have had me committed. And the straw that finally broke the camel's already laden back? Not having the right pair of shoes to wear. I think it was particularly confusing for LB to witness my meltdown and the apparent lack of a genuine reason for it but I was done. All toys were chucked from the perennial pram of my life and nothing, save three double vodkas, could fix it - my life or my lack of shoe.

So see previous point about delight/joy/relief that I've broken on through to the other side....

I can't wait to start at the Gallery. I'm going to be working in the publishing department helping to research and write artist captions and biographies for a new book to be published later this year. No filing, no coffee runs, no mind-numbing, ego-destroying pointless faff for me. Proper, first hand experience at a world class institution, working with some incredible people and, best of all, getting to do what I love - research, write and see my name in print (albeit probably on the very back page in a miniscule font but SO WHAT.)

To be honest it's just a relief to be given an opportunity because I'm clean out of toys for the time being. Though hopefully with my new retail job I will soon have plenty of shoes........

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